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Post Covid-19, the NZ tourism sector is in a state of flux. Bookd can help you reboot your business. Within minutes, you can set up a business profile for FREE and start marketing to customers in your proximity.

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Bookd was created with small business & community organisations in mind. Bookd is a simple & affordable platform that enables small operators with modest marketing budgets to compete with large operators.

Proudly NZ Owned

We think there's too much tourism spend going offshore via multiple global booking platforms. All spend on our platform flows into local economies, NOT offshore.


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Lee Timutimu

CEO, Founder

Clayton Low


Denym Harawira


Powered by Arataki

Bookd is powered by Arataki Systems. We build proximity activated digital storytelling platforms that connect people with our culture. As a Māori tourism operator, we understand tourism. Founded in 2016, we are a tech company based in Tauranga, New Zealand, wholly owned and run by Māori tech entrepreneurs. We have career backgrounds in Māori storytelling, tech and Iwi relations.

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