Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bookd?

Bookd is a proximity marketing platform.

It allows you to market your business and offers directly to people that are in your geographical proximity.

Bookd is NOT:

  • A scheduling platform.
  • A resource management platform (e.g. staffing & equipment).
  • A manifest system.
  • An inventory system.
  • An accommodation & host management platform.

Who owns Bookd?

BOOKD LIMITED was incorporated under the Companies Act 1993 on the 8th day of July 2019 (Company number: 7522896).

Bookd is a 100% owned New Zealand company.

Why did you create Bookd?

As a small business operating in the Tourism industry in NZ, we completely understand the challenges of getting into market, and once in market having to contend with bigger business & global competitors. This is especially relevant given the current challenges of living in a Covid-19 world.

We created Bookd for 2 main reasons:

  1. To provide a simple and affordable platform for small business owners to market their offers to consumers in geo-location.
  2. To help keep tourism booking spend within local economies.

How does Bookd work?

The Bookd VENDOR app

A dedicated app that enables the business owner to:

  1. Create a business listing
  2. Create an offer/s and link to their business listing
  3. Publish live to Bookd platform

The Bookd CONSUMER app

A dedicated app that enables consumers to:

  1. Find business listings in their geographical proximity
  2. Engage with businesses nearby
  3. Spend their dollars with local businesses!

How much does Bookd cost for Vendors?

FREE to list your business profile!

As low as 1 dollar a day on our starter plan.

Simple monthly subscription payment.

No additional or hidden vendor fees or commissions.

See full details about our available pricing plans here.

How much does Bookd cost for Consumers?

We deduct a booking fee of 10% of the subtotal cost.

E.g. You make a booking for $10+GST, we deduct a booking fee of $1.

Is Bookd for any size business?

Yes. In fact, one of the reasons we created Bookd was with small business & community organisations in mind.

Bookd is a simple & affordable platform that enables small operators with modest marketing budgets to compete with large operators.

In relation to marketing spend, we believe Bookd helps to level out the playing field between small business and large business.

What features do you have planned for Bookd?

The following features are on our development road map:

  • The ability to promote your business listing/s.
  • The ability to boost your offer/s.
  • Push notifications to users in-proximity.
  • Track sales conversions via proximity activations.
  • Subscription holiday – for “off peak” seasonal periods.
  • Website integration.
  • Monthly accounts activity export.

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